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Which Subject is More Difficult in CA Intermediate? – Everything you Need to Know

Which Subject is More Difficult in CA Intermediate? – Everything you Need to Know

As we all know that opinions on the question about the most difficult subject in CA Intermediate may vary from person to person which is quite obvious. Since every student has its own qualities and skills, the subject interest changes from one individual to another.
But in general, if we talk about picking up the most common answer, then we can say that for most of the students ‘Audit and EISSM’ is the most difficult subject in CA Inter. It is so because it includes a very vast and technical concepts. Many students find it very challenging to get the command over this subject. The set of reasons behind this subject being challenging may include:

  1. The examiner expects you to represent yourself in general bookish language which may be tough for some students.
  2. This subject is loaded with numerous concepts and technical themes which are quite tricky to understand.
  3. This subject has higher failing rate with very low average marks and thus could be a real threat. That evidently shows how difficult it is to score in this particular subject.
  4. Audit and EISSM subject get updated after every certain interval of time and keep introducing new topics in the syllabus.

No matter how difficult the subject is, you have to climb up to the top despite of facing all these challenges for the sake of your career and better future. So, you should follow a few methods to get the command over Audit and EISSM in your CA Intermediate. These strategies shall help you in building your confidence in the subject by reducing the risk of failing. After all success begins within yourself.

Tips to Score good in Audit and EISSM – Most difficult subject in CA Intermediate

  1. Discard all the misconceptions – The first step you need to follow is to ignore all the myths you have heard about the subject. Stay and confident and try to study the subject by keeping your mind widely open. Do not think of the subject to be too difficult at all.
  2. Conceptual Study with regular revision – To get the command over the subject you have to thoroughly study each one of the topics and maintain a revision habit to remember every narrow detail.
  3. Do not Procrastinate – This subject needs a regular study without gaps. You must manage some percentage of time from each day for this subject. The gaps may break your flow of observation.
  4. Study with Flowcharts and Diagrams – The flowcharts and diagrams make the study easier. They help you in understanding the application of the topic. To learn the concepts better, try to study with diagrams and flowcharts.
  5. Analyse your Weaker and Stronger Points – Observe in which topics you have a stronger hand and in which you are weak. Try to make your strong points stronger and recover where you lack.

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